In 2011 we planted our first 'experimental' vineyard (.1 hector or 1/4 acre) of Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir), clone 115 grape vines and realized our first vintage in 2013. This vineyard is near the house at 400 meters with a very high density of 11,500 vines per hector.

In 2016, we prepared the land and made a one hector (2.5 acres) vineyard near the top of the property at about 500 meters (1600 feet). In 2018 we expanded the vineyard by a bit more than one hector for a total of about 2.2 hectors, all Pinot Noir grape vines. Both vineyards are planted at a density of 7,000 vines per hector. The vines are special selection field blend, clone 115 and clone 777. We are currently working on our 7th vintage.

Creating the new vineyard in 2016